3rd time isn’t exactly “a charm”

“The blood test results came back and your Beta hcg levels are quite low – it appears as though you are miscarrying”. 

Not exactly the best news I’ve heard, unfortunately it’s also not the first time I’ve heard these words. After 12 and a half weeks of believing that this time things would go according to plan, that this time my body would just do what it is supposed to do, I woke up one morning and my dreams were shattered. So after another day of sitting in the ER, hooked up to pain medication, and nurses with sad eyes feeling sorry for you, I lost my third pregnancy. 

I am very very lucky to have an amazing husband, who is very supportive and was there with me through the entire process. As this is my third miscarriage, my husband now knows how I’m going to react, what I need, and really just having him there is enough. 

So, as I’ve now had a day and full night of not sleeping to think about what happened, how I’ve come to be in this place in my life, I’ve decided that dwelling over what could have, should have, or might have happened is not how I want to live my life. It’s time to throw out the negative thoughts, and embrace the positive side of life. I’ve been guilty of being pessimistic, I tend to go to a negative place by instinct, in almost every aspect of my life. Well no more.

It’s time to put on a happy face, embrace the sunshine and get over it.

It’s time to be positive.   


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