Happy Anniversary!

Well, it’s been two years since that lovely afternoon in May when we made our promises and I took your name.

What a couple years it has been! There have been ups and downs, losses and gains. Throughout it all, you’ve been by my side, my biggest supporter, my number one. Without you there is no way I’d be strong enough to handle what life has thrown our way. Though some people doubted our whirlwind romance, after more than four years together, two of them being married, I can never picture my life without you.

My husband (affectionately referred to as Bub) has been such a rock through the difficult times, it’s hard for me to put into words exactly how much he means to me. He is caring, smart, funny (although if you’re too sensitive, his sense of humor may be lost on you) and fiercely loyal. No matter the person or situation, if he has pledged his loyalty to you, it will remain that way forever. He can make me smile, even in the darkest of times.

As I’m writing this,I realize that it sounds so depressing, like all we’ve been through have been difficult times. In reality, the majority of our life together have been great. Between camping with our dog, hanging out with friends or family, or just spending the afternoon sitting on the couch watching a movie, we always have fun together. One day while sitting with G-ma C in church, the pastor said “you know you’ve got the right mate when you can spend long periods of time together without saying a word”. Well Bub, if that’s the case – we are perfect for each other! (Bub has an odd love for silly Castle games on his phone, and I could spend my entire day reading with my Kobo)

This picture says it all – no wonder I fell for you.

Always and Forever – No Matter What xoxo



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