E-counselling. A combination of therapy services with the ease of new technology and the ability to be connected wherever you are. I’m not sure I’m buying into the hype. However, in an effort to better myself, get outta this funk and be normal again, I’m willing to try just about anything.

Let’s be serious for a moment – taking time off from work to attend a therapy session isn’t my idea of a good time, or a good use of my vacation time (because apparently the therapist I was referred to only worked 3 days a week between 11 and 2 pm. Quite convenient *rolls eyes*). When I heard about the online counselling services, I thought that it would be a great alternative to attending an actual therapy session. I’ve only been once, and let’s just say that I could barely utter a word because I was sobbing the entire time. (Anyone who attended my wedding can attest to this) Needless to say, it didn’t seem to work out all that well.

I’ve had an initial e-mail from my counselor and to be honest, I’m not that impressed. While I can appreciate that she was sympathetic and seemed to have an understanding of what I’m feeling and going through, I’m not convinced that this is going to be the breakthrough I’m hoping for.  Yes it’s only been a week, and I’ve composed my response, but I fear that I might be making another visit to the therapist.

Hopefully they have stocked up on Kleenex.


What’s up Doc?

One thought on “What’s up Doc?

  1. Just like how the world discovered the ability to “self-serve” their gas, and grocery store checkouts, so to are we heading towards the idea of “self-medicating”. Oh I’m not talking about administering drugs, although I’m sure that can help, I’m talking about the ability to self-diagnose then self-correcting, somehow. The tools are there for us right now. You can buy a heart monitor, or blood pressure machine and keep track of your health with numerous handheld devices and online resources there waiting to help “fix you”. Now, as far as therapy sessions…online…why not? You can video conference through Skype, leaving both doctor and patient the ability to reside where ever they want without having the restriction of having to “be there” for the session, possibly taking advantage of the best in the business, who may be located anywhere in the world.
    My doctor starts his eye rolling whenever I begin a sentence with “I searched on the Internet for…”.


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