I ♡ Camping

Camping.  I love it. My husband loves it. Even my dog loves it. 

There is a great campground on Miller Lake (up near Tobermory) that has great outdoor activities (last year the hubs played in a horseshoe tournament), you can rent a boat to go fishing,  there are two dog beaches separate from the main swimming areas and it is reasonably priced. Sign me up. 

This past long weekend was and little different however,  it was cold – and I mean COLD. It dipped down to 0 degrees at night, and I won’t lie the first night I thought about sleeping in the car. Even went and sat in the car for half an hour to warm up. My poor dog was shaking, I felt terrible. But we dealt with it, went back in the tent and stuck it out. Because it was cold (even during the day) there was no swimming so we spent a lot of time just hanging around.  It was wonderful. I read, spent time playing with the dog, staring into a campfire and driving around to explore the area. It was a great way to relax, forget about all the crap that has happened lately and just relax. 


Can you imagine if this was your view every day?

I feel like we could live in a trailer, yurt or the like, up north in a secluded spot permanently.  I love the quiet, the trees, the peace. Maybe one day we will live like gypsies (the real kind, not the ones on TLC) and live happily ever after roaming the countryside. 


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