Something’s Gotta Give

Seriously. This year has been one thing after another going wrong, from switching jobs (and taking a leave from work), health issues and basically chopping our monthly budget in half, it’s been a difficult one. I’ve got to believe that there will come a time (hopefully sooner rather than later) that things will work out. Honestly, I’m not sure how much more I can take.

Being at home during the day has been a different experience, I mean there seems like so many hours in the day to get things done! **Disclaimer: to those with children, obviously I know that it seems this way because I don’t have kids, but don’t hate on me for that – refer to Post #1** I’ve been making delicious healthy homemade meals every day for dinner, doing some cleaning activity every day (no more “Cleaning Sundays” – jackpot!) and crocheting my little paws off. I never realized just how much commuting took out of me and I’m definitely taking advantage of my time at home while I can. The flip side to being home is that I’m not able to do EVERYTHING I’d like, as I’ve been instructed to restrict activities and “relax”.

While that was really quite nice the first week, I’ve become restless. The efforts of this restlessness has been the production of many crochet pieces, most of which will be available on my Etsy shop, opening soon! I’ve had a lot of positive response from items that I’ve made for friends and family, so I thought – Why not!?


Here goes nothing!



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