Good things come to those who wait……

Professionally speaking, this week has been a positive one for our little household. My husband has had a positive week with his job, and things are beginning to finally settle down around here. Thank goodness! Now if only EI would get my application going, and if this sickness (flu like, sore throat, achy body feel like you want to die symptoms) would go away, we would be just dandy!

Onto the real meaning of this post (yes I know you all thought it was about the job situation – and really it is a part of it) this is one of my favourite weeks of the year….

shark week 2014


I seriously love this week on television, it is by far my favourite to watch. Now, some people are interested in the weird, alien-like shark documentaries that profile those sharks that live in the deepest parts of the ocean that are rarely ever seen. I am not one of these people.

I want to watch those psycho people who dive in teeny tiny cages, or those people who are just crazy enough to free dive around sharks and think they will not be bitten. I want to watch sharks fly out of the water and attack seals or bait or something, I want to watch people try and catch a shark to attach some little plastic contraption that is supposed to send all sort of information back to a computer that will tell experts why sharks act the way they do. Most people want to watch this to learn about sharks, to know the signs of sharks in the water, or what to do if a shark is near but not I. I watch these shows to validate my own terrifying fear of deep water. These shows (in all of their gruesome, bloody and seemingly rare attacks) help me feel better about my anxiety of deep open water, and less like a child who is scared of the dark. Perhaps my fears could be understandable if I didn’t know how to swim, and while I’m not the best swimmer by any means, I did take swimming lessons as a child and can actually swim. I just know that while I can swim, I will not be swimming in shark infested waters any time soon……or ever.




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