That little old Italian lady…

I love my Nonna. Seriously. She’s always been kind and [mostly]gentle to me (those other italian kids out there know what I’m talking about, the wooden spoon or slipper boomerang that gave you nightmares as a child) and she makes the BEST pasta. It cannot be replicated, and all of her pasta is homemade, even the 25 layer lasagna. *sigh* It makes my mouth water just to think about it.
So when my mom told me she was going down to take Nonna to an appointment, and because I haven’t seen her in a while I asked to tag along. Seriously it was the best idea I’ve had all summer. Not only did I get to spend time with her, but she also made us lunch. It looked something like this:


Man. So good. Somehow you always seem to feel less guilty about eating 2 or 3 cups of pasta when it’s all homemade.

As well, because it’s the end of the summer, my mom and I also scored HUGE from Nonna’s garden. I’m talking easily 10lbs of tomatoes, zucchini, and pears fresh from the pear tree. We also got homemade pizza – the real stuff not the kind that people have become accustomed to (pizza pizza anyone?) – I’m talking little sauce, pepperoni, green peppers and the most amazing dough you’ve ever had, think focaccia!

So with the tomatoes I lovingly received, and because I saw that bushels of tomatoes were on sale this week at the grocery store, I decided to channel my inner Nonna and make my own pasta sauce to jar for the winter. Yes…I JARRED MY OWN SAUCE. Nonna would be proud. So, over the next few days, this is what my kitchen looked like:

messy kitchen...totally worth it!

messy kitchen…totally worth it!

Tomato sauce in progress!!

Tomato sauce in progress!!

First batch of finished, sealed jars of delicious sauce!

First batch of finished, sealed jars of delicious sauce!

The end product? 12 delicious jars of homemade tomato sauce that will last us (hopefully) through the winter…….who am I kidding, it might last until Christmas.


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