Babies and Books…….

Oh my goodness. Where do I even start?!? First of all, I’m 20 weeks pregnant now (yay half way there!!!) and this is obviously a very new feeling – this baby is real! I’ve finally started looking pregnant and not just “ate too many doughnuts” chubby, which is a great feeling. It’s like people believe that I’m expecting now, not just taking my word for it lol! On another note – we found out last week that we are expecting a baby girl! So completely exciting!!!

Our little girl!

For me that is. My husband, while just wants the baby to be happy and healthy, he was hoping for a boy. The reasons were varied; an older brother to protect the younger siblings, a tough judo kid, boys are just better….lol I’ve heard’em all. Now that we know it’s a girl, he’s warming up to the idea of having “Daddy’s little girl”……until I bring up my experiences with being a pre-teen and teenage girl. I cannot wait to see how he reacts to all things girl – the first time our daughter doesn’t want to wear what he picked out, the first crying tantrum for no reason (ladies will know what I’m talking about!), not to mention the following issues that have already been “discussed”: short skirts (or skirts in general), the sex talk, boyfriends, friends that are boys, anything to do with boys and PMS. Apparently the bulk of these are my issues to deal with – lucky me!

Now that the baby is growing and we’ve hit another milestone, I’ve started thinking about logistics of having a baby in our house. As my father-in-law lives with us in an apartment in the basement, we are limited to the amount of space that can be dedicated to “kid stuff”. We are currently in a purging phase, trying to get our office cleaned out and ready to become a guest room/extra tv space, so that the second bedroom can be morphed into the nursery of my dreams. You never really realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated until you try and go through a room to clean it out. We seriously have enough books to start our own library. This is an instance where technology has become my very best friend. While I have well over 100 books (currently stored in boxes in the soon to be nursery) I have almost 3 times that many books currently stored on my Kobo. This gives me the freedom to give away the majority of my books (but not all – let’s be serious!) while still having books accessible. I’m a habitual re-reader (is this a word?), there are two or three series of books that I tend to re-read once a year that I absolutely love, and if I didn’t have my Kobo those three series alone would consist of two dozen physical books.  The plan is to keep those books that I don’t have on my Kobo, and either give away or recycle those books which I have electronically.

I can’t wait to have furniture moved around so I can get started on the nursery – stay tuned for my pinterest inspirations for Baby A’s nursery!!!


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