Another year, another resolution…..

Or the same resolution as every other year, as every other person. To get fit. Obviously being 30 weeks pregnant I’m not looking to shred pounds right now, but I’m making a point to eat much healthier in these last couple months of pregnancy. Goodbye takeout, hello low calorie,  low gluten/gluten free meals!!


Every year this is my new years resolution. And every year, after 6-8 weeks things go down hill. This year must be different. With a child on the way, I feel it is my responsibility to raise my child in a healthy way. This is not to say that we will never eat takeout, chocolate or anything super delicious and bad for you, but these things must be a treat, not the norm. I refuse to have my child fall into the scary world of childhood obesity.

Additionally,  I’ve decided it’s time to return to a sport that I love – soccer! It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve played in a league, so my fitness goal this upcoming year is to start working out after delivery so that come summertime I am able to play in a recreational soccer league and keep up. I miss the sport so much that I’m already motivated to lose the baby (and pre-baby) weight to be in the best shape I can be.

I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own, and I’m lucky that my husband is as excited and into this new lifestyle as I am. We have both put on some pregnancy weight in the last few months, and it will be easier and much more fun if we are on a healthier journey together. Thanks to pinterest, I’ve got so many healthy recipes to choose from, as well as different workout ideas that will keep thing fun and interesting throughout this journey.

I will definitely be posting more on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, and the last couple months of my pregnancy!!!


One thought on “Another year, another resolution…..

  1. Good Luck! I wish Jeff would get on board with a healthier lifestyle, it would make things so much easier. You should check out your area and see if they have any stroller fit classes (I’ve heard they are great!) I wish I had done it when Rowan was little.


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