What the hell am I doing…..?

It’s the question I seem to ask myself at 3am when my child has been up every hour and a half  throughout the night flipping out. 

What the hell am I doing?!

Apparently not the right thing. I’m rocking, I’m nursing,  I’m pacing,  I’m crying along with her.  Nothing is working.  I want to give up.

Then it happens. 

All of a sudden with a deep sigh she looks at me with her big blue eyes, gives me a little smirk and closes her eyes. Once the snoring starts I gently place her in her crib and slowly back out of the room.  I skip down the hall to my own room, quickly plot my snoring husband’s death (this only happens when the baby is fussy I swear,  lol) and snuggle under the covers.  Life is good again. 

An hour and a half later the video monitor lights up,  the crying begins and I gear myself up for another round. 


You win this one kid.  I surrender. 


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