Surviving your first blowout

Today, after an amazing 8 hour sleep (way to go Nugget!) I made the brave and exciting decision to begin cloth diapering! Wahoo !!!

I’ve had the diapers since before baby H was born but she hasn’t been big enough for them to fit properly.Skinny little chicken legs do not work well with cloth diapers lol! I decided on cloth mainly as a money saver (I an what you’d call cheap – I prefer frugal) ; so I did my research and decided that buying good second hand diapers would be the way to go. I scoured various Facebook groups, Mom swaps and kijiji and ended up with 22 diapers for around $125. I have a mix of Kawaii, Glow Bug and Bum Genius, with various extra inserts to double stuff. I also picked up a large wet bag for around $35. Amazing. As long as I take good care of these diapers, the majority should be able to be used for the next baby (hopefully we are able to have one more) and I would have spent the under $200 to diaper two babies. We have been very fortunate to have been gifted diapers and have not had to buy any diaper for Baby H so far! Even if I buy some brand new diapers along the way, we will still spent less than the average for disposable diapers. Honestly, this is the main reason for cloth diapering. And really…. How cute is Baby H’s fluffy bum?!


My next hurdle over the weekend will be trying to figure a laundry routine. On this I’ve done extensive research and there are a TON of different ways depending on what type of washing machine you have; what kind of water you have; how many diapers you have etc etc etc. On this part, I feel like a little trial and error will determine our wash routine, but hopefully I can get this sorted quickly as those who know me know that I like to have a plan. I don’t want to be experimenting when I have two diapers left that are clean, because we all know that will be the day that we have multiple blow outs.

Wish me luck!


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