Tap Out

My husband and I have this thing we do when we need a break from the baby – affectionately called the “tap out”. We literally tap out and hand off the baby and go do whatever we need to do to get in a good state of mind again. This week has been a long one (and yes it is only Wednesday) and there have been times I’ve wanted to tap out – with no one to tag. Nugget has been sick with a pretty bad cold (lots of coughing and a super stuffy nose) this week and hasn’t been sleeping or eating very well. We are sleeping in the living room so that Nugget can sleep in her vibrating chair (she needs to be elevated so she can breathe) which means I’ve been sleeping on the couch. This is not ideal. Added to that, nursing has been a complete joy (note the sarcasm) as every time she decides to eat, she chokes and barfs up whatever went down. So we are nursing every hour and a half. Amazing. To cap off this excellent week, Hubby is going to a funeral tomorrow and will be gone all day and all night. No tap outs available.

Oh yeah and guess who signed up for Stroller Fit tomorrow. At 9:30. That’s AM people. Fantastic. I’ve been trying to eat better (which surprisingly has been going well) and decided to bite the bullet and try a group fitness class. I’ve never participated in something like this, mainly because I’m terrified of being ridiculed, judged and picked on – which considering I’m no longer in high school shouldn’t really be an issue. Hopefully. I’m really hoping that I like this class and meet some new moms, it would be nice to get out, breathe some fresh air, and interact with other adults.

Hopefully Nugget sleeps tonight and this crazed Momma gets some sleep and doesn’t show up to Stroller Fit tomorrow looking like a hot mess.

We didn’t make it to stroller fit. We also didn’t sleep. We had a very bad night. The next day we better and last night was even better still. Let’s hope for another good night, or at least enough sleep so this Momma can function – or maybe shower…. Oh the possibilities!


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