Living on love

Today my husband and I had a very interesting conversation regarding our new life – life with a little one that is. It all started with a question that I always ask – “are you happy?” I just like to check in with my man, make sure that I’m doing everything that I can to make a happy life for my family – and let’s face it, sometimes I’m oblivious to things that are happening that are irritating……(sorry Bub!). This led us to talking about our finances for the week (we tend to look forward to the week ahead and check in with bills that need to be paid and any purchases to be made for the week) and then our financial life in general. We aren’t rolling in dough. *chuckle* I’m not even sure what that would feel like. We are also by no means in trouble. My husband titled it really well – we’re coasting. We are making enough to get by. And, I mean, we do the things that we want. Sure we could save better (who couldn’t?!) but we are putting money away for retirement and Nugget’s education, all while doing things and buying things (in moderation) that we want. It’s hard to chose these days, what is more important: money or love.

We have discussed many times selling everything we don’t absolutely need, buying a trailer or small house and living a more simple life. Not having the huge bills to worry about, being able to pay down all the debt – all while living a more adventurous life. It seems like a no brainer – right? Well, it’s just not that easy. We have a good house, not huge but enough space for the three of us (with possible room for another tiny human) and my father in law living in the basement apartment. We all have enough space that we don’t want to kill each other by being on top of one another. We have a small backyard for the dog, but a HUGE plus is that we back onto a tree line that borders a park and Nugget’s future elementary school. It would be very hard to find something similar for the same price in the future, making us want to stay put for a while.

I think the lesson to be had is this: every family is different. In their needs, in their desires and their abilities. Wherever and whatever we are doing, we will always have love.

One Year Wedding Anniversary - 2013

One Year Wedding Anniversary – 2013



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