Road Trip!

What a week! First let’s just get some updates out of the way:

Cloth Diapers: We stopped using them after one week because they just weren’t fitting properly. Nugget’s legs were too small and they just weren’t working out. We ended up going up a size in disposable diapers (to size 2) to help with blow outs that were occurring daily. Flash forward to yesterday, I met with a mommy friend who has always cloth diapered her little one, and she gave me some tips and pointers to help me feel more comfortable with the fit of the diapers. I feel like I’ve got a bit of a better handle on them, so we have started using them again. Let’s hope things keep going well, and the more weight Nuggets puts on, the better they will fit. Formula: It’s only been 2 days of supplementing with formula, but I feel like I have my baby back. Tantrums are few and far between, and usually only happen when Nugget is overtired. Wahoo! We are still nursing before offering a bottle so I’m starting to feel a bit better about the whole situation.

Side note: We are also back to sleeping in our crib at night! Our cold is gone and I’m happy to report that my bed is just as comfortable as I remember!!!!

Ok so to relate to the title of this post – we are about to embark on our first road trip as a family of 4. This number is important because in this instance we MUST count our dog as part of the family, as we have to consider her well-being in the car as well. We are travelling to New York to spend almost a week with my in-laws, and I’m honestly pretty excited! They have a lovely house on a huge property right on the coast of Lake Ontario. The atmosphere is awesome, and without the ability to use cell phones it is so relaxing. The packing for this trip – not so relaxing. Just making a list of things that we use daily for the baby alone is huge. Daunting. Add in the fact that we are driving a Hyundai Elantra Hatchback and you have utter chaos. I’ve been planning what we are going to bring and how things are going to be packed for almost a week. Now that we are supplementing, I have to add in formula and bottles. Then the accessories. Do we bring the sterilizer? Will her bouncy seat be enough for her to sleep in or should I borrow a playpen? And what about cloth diapers? I hate to ruin a routine when we have just gotten back into one, but do I want to put my mother in law in a situation where I’ve got to do a load of stinky diapers in her washing machine every other day while we are there? Decisions decisions.

Seriously, this list is just for the baby!

Seriously, this list is just for the baby!

My hope is that with careful planning and preparation this drive goes well – hopefully Nugget sleeps the majority of the way there and Mommy and Daddy can have some adult conversations….not about poop, diapers or barf. Fingers crossed.


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