Bigger and Better Things

working mom

So as you may notice, things are a little different over here….a new name (I mean hello, clearly fitting I’d say!) a new look and….old content. Well funny story….

I should have imported the new-ish content (anything after September) before I moved back to WordPress so that this site would be up to date. Obviously this didn’t happen and here we are. Just a little behind. For those of you (I’m not sure there are any “of you” actually reading this but let’s assume) who are new or didn’t read any of the missing content here’s a quick update:

Cloth Diapers: Had a breakdown about many things, when thinking about what I could do to alleviate some of the pressure, cloth diapers took the hit. Super bummed about it, but appreciate the ease of disposables!

Going Back to Work: I’m going back to work at the beginning of February. I can’t remember if I posted about this yet, but something is in the drafts column, so stay tuned.

Miss.Thing’s First Christmas: It was great. We saw family, Miss. Thing was spoiled rotten and I didn’t take any pictures. #mommyfail

Life in General: I’ve got a crawling baby that is going to daycare, the Hubs is in his busiest season and I’m going back to work at the beginning of February. Commuting in the dead of winter. When Hubs is working late-ish nights. Wonderfully planned if you ask me. *sigh* Thankfully our Daycare is 24/7 and right down the street from home which is super convenient. Anxiety is super high regarding going back to work for a myriad of reasons; including the fact that I have to trust a virtual stranger to watch and help raise my kid, I am entering a work environment that I haven’t been in for almost a year and a half and I’m commuting in the winter. Seriously, who planned this crap?!

Being Healthy and Working Out: I’m doing a 31 day green smoothie challenge with Miss Thing. She LOVES the smoothies and since they are amazingly healthy, it’s a great way to smuggle fruits and veggies into her diet. For me, it’s also a way to get more fruits and veggies into my diet, and once I start back to work I will add protein powder to keep me going through the morning. As for the working out part…excuse me while I laugh hysterically. When Miss Thing is sleeping I can find about 5 million other things to do that are more practical. Hopefully when the weather is nicer and the baby is going to bed later than 6:30 we can do more outside activities (as we did in the summer and fall) and I can work on my fitness. Until I get my bearings with the new routine, I’ll take the stairs whenever possible.

So I guess that’s it, you’re all caught up on life in this crazy household, stay tune for more struggles, coffee and the possibility of a crying baby.



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