Working Girl

I’ve survived. My first week back to work full time has come and gone and I’ve survived. Thank tiny baby Jesus.

I’ve slipped back into work mode quite seamlessly, remembering routines, procedures and personality types. It’s a different atmosphere for sure, some changes in personnel and responsibilities which have taken a little longer to get used to. I’ve found that my saving grace is just putting my head down, doing my work and not trying overly hard to reestablish personal relationships. Not the environment that I’m used to but one that I can manage all the same.

Miss Thing on the other hand has been thriving at daycare. We have an amazing daycare provider who is just down the street, who takes the kids to playgroups at the neighbourhood school and gives me daily updates on how Miss Thing was. We had a little ear infection issue this week, and our provider was great with administering medicine and letting me know if the baby didn’t nap or eat and giving her a little extra love. It has honestly made the whole process a million times easier. With the stress of going back to work after an extended (over a year and a half) leave, not sure of the environment I was walking back into, the stress of leaving my child in the hands of someone else could, perhaps should have been devastating. In fact it was quite the opposite. I’m a little ashamed to say that I didn’t even have the time to think about Miss Thing until lunchtime. In the two weeks she has been going to daycare, not one tear was shed. She goes happily into daycare and is in the same mood when picked up (the Hubs does pick up). She blows a kiss and waves goodbye. Maybe it should break my heart that my baby doesn’t care that she is being dropped off at someone else’s house for 8 hours a day, but honestly it’s such a relief I don’t have energy to be sad about it. I don’t know what I would do if my provider wasn’t in constant communication with me, if I wasn’t able to send a quick text to see how Miss Thing ate or slept that day because she was fussy in the morning. For all of these things I am grateful -shout out to the best daycare provider ever!!

For those moms out there who are dreading going back to work and leaving your baby with a virtual stranger my advice to you is this: find the right daycare provider. Whether that is a centre with a strict curriculum, a home daycare with a play based day or with a family member who spoils your little one with snuggles and kisses, trusting the person who helps raise your child is the most important thing you will do.

I leave you with this fascinating picture the Hubs sent to me today to help me get through my day:

FB_IMG_1454704322896He knows how much it bums me out sometimes when all people say is “She looks JUST like her Daddy”. Seriously? I’ve done all the hard work, 3 miscarriages; 9 months of carrying Miss Thing; 28 hours of labour; an emergency c-section; almost a week in the hospital, etc etc etc. *SIGH* lol! Good thing her Daddy is handsome and the best Hubs in the world.



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