International Women’s Day

As I sit in Starbucks applying to (what feels like) thousands of jobs while Miss Thing is in daycare, this song comes on the radio reminding me that today is International Women’s Day.

From the women running multi-million dollar corporations, to those who are rich and famous for being a woman (Kim K, we really need to discuss your Instagram account and the unnecessary nude pictures) the world has come a long way from burning bras and fighting for the right to vote. Hell, there may even be a female President of the United States this year! #Hillary2016

When I think of things to celebrate today, the first thing that comes to mind is being  a mom. It’s been one of those things that I’ve struggled with, that it was so difficult and traumatic to do the one thing that my body was made to do. Men cannot carry a child. Men cannot give birth. This is the only thing that only women can do, that their bodies were created to do, and for a long time I couldn’t do it. Today I celebrate the fact that I lived through the traumas (where women in other parts of the world may not have), and with the support of my family and friends have been able to have a child to call my own.

I thank those that came before and fought for the evolution of women, without you there wouldn’t be any female politicians, professors, scientists, doctors, cops or construction workers. I encourage women today to continue to fight for freedoms and rights for women around the world, from basic education to pay equality, religious persecution to cultural suppression. I encourage women to be kind to each other, to stop the bullying, the negative body image and the mom shaming.

I leave you with this picture from UK Uncut on twitter:

iceland women.png

Happy International Women’s Day!!


PS Men don’t worry – International Men’s Day is November 19th….





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