Call the Midwife

This. Show. Is. Awesome.

I found it on Netflix (as most random shows that I watch), but I watch it on our Andriod box as it has more seasons than available on Netflix. It is a show based on a woman’s memoirs as a midwife living alongside nursing nuns and midwives in the 1950’s in the poor East Side of London, England. As someone who loves history, historical fiction novels and loved my experience with my own Midwife, this show warms my soul. The quirky characters (Chummy is my favourite, a rather broad woman not quite fitting the image of a 1950’s nurse/midwife, but is the most caring, lovable character. Honestly, she didn’t even know how to ride a bike when she first arrived!!) and evolution of birth control and the process of giving birth is just awesome to watch.

This show has had such an impact on me that I’ve even modeled a new crochet project from an item that I saw in the show! Thankfully, another devoted fan saw the same picture and came up with the pattern, so I’m super thankful for that (check out this website for the pattern.) I’m really excited about the project, it’s been a while since I did something this delicate….

Anyway, in my recent “extended” maternity leave, I’ve given a lot of thought to what I could chose as a career if I could start over again. After the wonderful experience I had with my midwife during my 4th pregnancy, it would be something that I would definitely consider in a do-over situation. I love babies, feel strongly about a woman’s ability to give birth naturally and in whatever circumstances are comfortable for her. I may also be thinking a little more about birthing and babies because my sister-in-law is pregnant! I cannot wait for another little one to be born into the family, I miss the days where you could hold that tiny baby in your arms as long as you want without fuss. Nowadays, Miss Thing must be super sick or tired to want to snuggle, which doesn’t happen very often these days.

Stay tuned for pictures of the blanket you crazy crochet nuts!
No? Just me? Oh ok.




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