Lone Ranger

The past couple of months have been a real struggle in my life, elevating the Mom Struggle title of this blog to new heights. I’ve been unemployed since February and it’s been the hardest thing I’ve dealt with in my adult life. I’ve never been without a job since I was 14, and I’ve got a family that I need to help provide for. My whole professional life was turned upside down – and it hasn’t righted yet. I’ve registered with every employment agency in town (who’d have thought there were so many, honestly it’s crazy!), I apply to over 10 jobs everyday online and am driving around my area handing out resumes every day. I’m looking and going on interviews 60 minutes in any direction, and feel like I should buy stock in Starbucks for the amount of time I spend there job hunting online (free wi-fi and espresso……it fuels me).  I never thought it would be this difficult to find employment. I’ve got a university degree, a post graduate diploma and a great resume – and yet, 3 months later and I’ve not had any success. There have been a few jobs that have almost worked out, but in the end something happens to come up. Now, it seems like every interview I go on, it’s the same story: I’m over-qualified. The company is afraid that I will find something closer to home with higher pay and quit. I mean, honestly all I want to scream is that if I could find a better job closer to home I wouldn’t be unemployed! Like I want to cut my pay by a third, commute further or do a job that is beneath my capabilities just for fun? Seriously. People not giving you a job because you “might” quit for something different is crazy. Why not hire someone who is eager, qualified and hard working? ARGHHHH!

Maybe Rachel had it right, all I’ve got to do is inappropriately kiss and touch the next man that interview me and I’ll get the job…food for thought….

One of the hardest things about going through a difficult time is not having a group of close friends to lean on. My husband is always a great support and person to talk to, but he is only one man and can only take so much. And really, it’s not awesome to have a bitch session with your husband. Men just do not get it. With changes in life comes with changes in relationships and I totally get it. Kids, marriage, divorce, changes in location, careers – all of these things have an effect on relationships. I understand believe me, anyone who looks at my social media pages is bombarded with pictures of my kid. I know it’s irritating and annoying to some people, but honestly, my daughter is my best friend. How sad is that? I tell her everything, most of the time she sits on my lap and listens intently and even pats my cheeks when I start to cry. I don’t feel like I have that friend who I can call when shits going down and day drink with.  It may just be me feeling all woe is me during a really depressing time in my life and that’s on me, but there it is.

Maybe one day I’ll become that woman who can go up to a group of people and ask to be their friend, but until then I suppose it’ll be me, my Kobo and crochet hook crying over spilled…wine. Because I drink now, in case that wasn’t clear. Wine. Lots of wine.




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