Picnics, Sunburn and a Stevia Plant

It’s a hot one out there folks. Temperatures are at a balmy 28 degrees Celsius and there is not a cloud in the sky. It’s a beautiful way to start the summer!! We’ve had picnics by the Bay (Georgian Bay that is), hikes with the dog and Hubs and endless walks in a pink car through the neighbourhood. I love this time of year, we spend almost every weekend with family, there are tons of festivals and outdoor things to do in the city and in general life is just a bit more sunny – hello vitamin D. And Sunburn. It happens, every year with the first all day outing. After that, I’m much better (lesson learned the hard way) with making sure I put sunscreen on. This year though, I vow to be much more diligent with myself as I’ll be that parent that coats their kid top to bottom every hour. Look at this kid – I mean she’s got such a fair complexion that I get so nervous every time we step outside.


Miss Thing riding in her favourite car, wearing a sweet dress brought back from Cuba by a lovely friend!

With the last couple of days I have free from employment, I’m taking full advantage of the weather with picnic lunches with Miss Thing and trying my hand (again) at gardening. Yes you read that correctly – these are my last couple of days FREE from employment.

I GOT A JOB!!!!!

It may not be permanent (yet, lol) but it is in my field of work, it is decent pay and steady daytime hours. After countless interviews for positions that were a waste of time not ideal, things have finally worked out. I think this is the first time I’ve really taken a deep breath and actually felt at peace in three months. It’s been almost two years (minus two weeks at the beginning of February) that I’ve been working full time and while jumping back into the professional world is a little scary, I’m really excited to have something to think about during the day other then laundry, cleaning and stressing about bills and money. Sidenote: these things are not leaving my life, just not occupying my entire brain all the time, lol!

Back to gardening – this week I celebrated my new found employment by going to the local greenhouse with my Mum and sister and buying a couple of little flowers to plant in the backyard (the only thing I’ve been able to grow consistently are hostas, and to be completely honest they were already planted when I moved in, and all I have to do is weed and water them) as well as a couple of herbs. I’m really quite excited about the herbs, I decided on Spearmint and a Stevia plant. I can’t wait to brew a cup of fresh mint tea (I generally have a cup of peppermint tea after dinner to help digest) and use some Stevia extract to sweeten my life. (Check out this easy recipe for homemade Stevia extract)  Hopefully these little plants will help me turn my black thumb green, and perhaps next year I can try my hand at a few vegetables……





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