So I’ve decided that I’m going to post a new Tuesday theme – I mean why not right? So the theme is #TruthfulTuesday and each week I’m going to share a truthful fact, idea, story or whatever comes to mind. No one is safe, no topic is off limits and things could get messy.

Today’s truthful Tuesday is quite relevant as I’ve just started a new job. My truth is that I don’t think I’ve ever really had a job that I truthfully enjoyed. I’ve always left work feeling overjoyed to be going home, feeling like my day was either too long (because it wasn’t as busy as usual) or that I didn’t get a second to breathe because of the fast pace. I have never really had an atmosphere where I enjoyed the full experience of the job. There’s always been something, whether it was the commute, a particular person or the type of work I was doing, there’s always been something that just…….was. It’s been something I’ve struggled with, because the only thing that is consistent in each of the jobs I’ve had has been me. Is something wrong with me? Did I choose the wrong career? It’s very difficult to think that all the work and effort I’ve put into my professional learning (my University degree and Post-Graduate diploma have NOTHING to do with my career choice) wasn’t the right decision for me. These questions have been lurking somewhere in the back of my mind ever since I found myself unemployed and frantically searching for any job, any company that would hire me. It was a really difficult time for me, I don’t have much confidence as it is and this whole experience has kicked me down a notch or two that’s for sure.


Preach!! #TruthfulTuesday

Then it happened. I’ve only been working in this current job for two days, so take this truth for what it is worth. It’s fantastic. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. The people have been great. The work is great, it’s new-ish (close enough to what I was doing before that it’s not like I’m trying to learn Japanese and yet I’m learning something new all the time) and even when there is a slow time (like this morning) I didn’t want to gouge my eyes out with a wooden spoon. The building I work in is off a country road, set back into a patch of trees with floor to ceiling windows on all sides. Skylights. Seriously, just the atmosphere makes me like going to work and actually sitting there for eight hours. Needless to say, I’m happy. So weird to say it in context with work, but thrilling all the same!

What’s your #TruthfulTuesday?




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