Restarting My Fitness Journey – Again.

It’s time for another #TruthfulTuesday post (it’s been a while, but hey – I’m a working Mom, it’s summer time and shit is crazy). Today I’m touching on personal fitness and living healthy. I’ve started and restarted this journey of mine countless times over the past 5-ish years and just recently begun the latest phase of project “I don’t want to be fat anymore”. My husband and I have mutually decided that we are going to work on eating better, being active and generally be healthier than we have been for a long time. Since the arrival of Miss Thing, convenience has been the ruler in my household and it doesn’t lend itself to being healthy.

How am I achieving this you may ask? Basically, I’m logging my meals (I had been habitually doing this, but had fallen off the wagon a few weeks ago so I’m just getting back into it) trying to make sure that I’ve got more protein than fat and as few carbs as possible. I’ve got a fitness tracker (Jawbone Up Move – like this!) that I wear habitually and get really upset if I forget to put it on and my steps don’t count. It’s got an app that gives a score based on your food choices, tracks your sleep (my goal is 8 hours a night and I’ve actually been hitting this – score!) and steps. This is my day today:


Not bad. I’ve got my step goal at 5,500 steps per day, so since I’ve started walking the dog I’ve exceeded that goal which is great. I’m going to increase my step goal by 500 steps each week, using it as a motivator to get my fat ass moving!! I’m happy with the food score, I’ve found that I tend to get hangry when I’m cutting carbs so the fact that I haven’t eaten an entire loaf of bread right before bed makes me feel proud. For those of you who don’t know, hangry is described as: when you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both. It’s in the urban dictionary. I’ve already apologized to the summer student at work as he’s been the target of my hangry moods…

Moving right along. I’ve also started walking the dog every night (it’s been two nights in a row so that counts…LOL!) for 40-50 minutes. We live close to a dog park, so we were taking her there – and when I say we I’m lying. Mostly my husband would take the dog to the dog park and he would ride his bike. I stayed at home with Miss Thing, which didn’t help with the whole healthy living thing. Hence the need to restart. Again. Anyway – we live at the top of a pretty big hill, so I’ve been starting my walks with going down a street or two to make sure the walk is worth it. It’s also helped me clear my head at the end of a busy day, giving me time to decompress and listen to my favourite podcast – Straight Talk with Ross. It’s hilarious and the perfect thing to listen to accompany an evening walk. To the people who look at me sideways when I’m laughing to myself or answering pop culture questions during “Are you smarter than Mark” – it’s fine. I get that I look crazy. Move along.

So moral of this #TruthfulTuesday post is that no matter how many times you have to restart a healthy fitness journey, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. I don’t have a goal weight in mind. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to be able to wear clothes I could before I got pregnant and be comfortable. Basically my life revolves around comfort and I’m not there yet with my body. I’ll get there. It’ll take time, hard work and a lot of soul searching but I’m hopeful that this time my journey won’t have to restart. Hopefully this is just the beginning of my new normal.



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