Spilling the Tea

Well hey all!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I have a good excuse. Or a couple of them. Working, raising a very busy toddler, maintaining a relationship with my main man and the busy schedule that accompanies the beautiful summer weather have all had an impact on my blogging time. Well fear no more, the bitch is back!

In addition to getting back to writing, a big reason I’m rededicating myself to the blogosphere has to do with my new favourite thing: Tea. In particular Steeped Tea. As I’ve discussed in the past, I’ve cut out coffee for health reasons (too much caffeine, stomach ulcer etc etc) and have turned to tea as a substitute. The need for that morning jolt never subsided, but regular bagged orange pekoe tea just wasn’t going the job. I had been to David’s tea before so I wasn’t completely shocked by loose leaf tea, but I hadn’t had much success in finding something that I loved. Queue my daycare provider, who (after I introduced her!) became a Steeped Tea consultant! She provided me with a handful of samples and after a couple of taste tests I fell in love. The richness of the pu’erh, the healing aspects of the herbal teas, the sweetness of the roobios and the comforting black teas. *sigh*  What sounds better than being curled up on a cool fall night with a good book and a pot of fragrant tea? Not much in my book! Not only am I obsessed with tea, my husband (never a coffee drinker) has taking a liking to the pu’erh tea. It may sound silly, but being able to share a pot of tea on a Sunday morning while our toddler runs around like a crazy nutter is a really beautiful thing.

So, after all this chatter about tea I’m sure you’re thinking “Jeez get to the point already”. My point is this – I’ve become a Steeped Tea Consultant! Wahoo!!!i_just_joined_steepedtea

I know what many of you are thinking, another pyramid scheme, another direct sales company blah blah – and yes it is a direct sales company. Obviously. However the thing is, I’m getting into this company because of one thing. I. LOVE.TEA. Seriously. I’ve become obsessed, I talk about it constantly (which is annoying to many I’m sure) and drink copious amounts each day. Will I be able to be a stay at home mom as a Steeped Tea consultant? Maybe. Will I get to meet new people and share my obsession? Absolutely. Will it be fun? YES! Whether I earn enough money to stay home with my kid, make no money at all or just make enough to fund my tea habit, it isn’t the point. The point is that I’ve invested in myself, in the opportunity to be my own boss and work with a great company. I’ve tried direct sales before and failed. This time will be different. I’m committed, I’m wiser and most importantly – I love the product! Check out my website, peruse the products, place an order!

Shout out to my fellow tea drinkers – who’s ready to parTEA?!?!?!



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