When it rains it pours….

Everyone has had those times in life when it seems like nothing is going right. Well it seems like October and November have kicked my ass. Nothing is going right, one issue leads to many more and I’m just over it.

Over. It.

As I sit here drinking my nightly herbal tea (called “Stress Reliever” – how fitting) I’ve been reflecting on the past 6-8 weeks. Seriously, it has been a total shit show. We have had to replace the following items: Brakes on one car, furnace, hot water tank, wiring in the house and insulation.Oh and we found out that the Hubbs has had a credit card fraudently opened in his name and (obviously) not paid – putting a massive black mark on his credit. In less than two months. Most of this in one week. How crazy is that? Not to mention expensive. I was honestly a mess this past week (we have the wiring re-done, the furnace and hot water tank replaced as well as the attic insulation vented and topped up) and on top of that I had pink eye. Pink eye. Seriously. What the crap?! I had a pretty epic meltdown while the plumber and furnace guys were here (huge thanks to my father in law who took the brunt of that one) threw the baby in the car (she was home from daycare as a pink eye precaution) and drove around aimlessly for over an hour. The kid finally fell asleep in the back as I sat in a parking lot crying my eyes out into my tea. I honestly just felt like nothing was going to get better, that everything was just falling apart. What was the point of even trying anymore. Queue the complete emotional female meltdown.

I felt a little better after, called my husband and father in law to apologize and took Miss Thing to the park. But it got me thinking – how can I get my head out of the negative space and into a realm of happiness?

Honestly though, anyone else been in this situation? How do you pick yourself up? The Hubs gave me a high five before bed, saying that we’ve made the house safer (the wiring was a bit of a safety issue for sure) for our family and that was something to celebrate. Which is true and I’m very happy we had the opportunity to fix those issues before they became dangerous. However, it still feels like we can’t get ahead. We went to the bank to discuss some options, and even before we found out about the credit card fraud my employment was an issue. As I’m a temp at work (long term – the agency has had a temp in the position for over a year, myself since the end of May) it just isn’t the most amazing aspect on paper. There is nothing I can do to change my situation at work until a permanent position becomes available, but that doesn’t matter to anyone does it? UGHHHHH.

So here’s my plea. How in the heck do you stay up when life is kicking your ass? I’m so thankful that my family are healthy and happy, that I have a job and a home and love. But honestly, whoever or whatever is up there has to be laughing at us. Something has got to give right? There has to be a point where things get better……




One thought on “When it rains it pours….

  1. Times like these are very rough but they are only temporary! Like you said, focus on the positive and before you know it this too shall pass!


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