Mom Guilt

We all know the feeling. That deep down desire for 5 minutes alone. To pee. To shower. To remember why kids were YOUR idea. And then it happens.

Mom guilt.

Am I a good mom for wanting time away from my kid? Am I still a good mom if my kid has eaten chicken nuggets 4 days in a row for dinner? What will people think of my kids mismatched socks today?

This is the kind of thing that runs through a mother’s mind 98% of the time. My daughter is 2 and I’m still struggling with my parenting choices every day. There are days where going to work sounds like heaven. When the morning routine (after having a nighttime invader come crawling into my bed at 1am) becomes so tiresome that I literally dump my kid, her bag and a pathetic “I’m sorry in advance” look at our daycare provider and run back to the car. For all those times that I lose my cool and shout, or when I need to take a minute to cool down before I can talk to my kid.

When your kid is that kid, crying and freaking out in a grocery store. You look around, terrified that everyone is judging you, shaking their heads at your lack of control over something so tiny.

Then it happens.  In a crowded room your kid tells “thanks Mom!” for wiping something slimy from her hands. The kid uses a utensil to eat in a restaurant instead of her hands as if she was raised by wolves. For no reason at all she runs over, gives a fierce hug and says “I love you Mom” in the sweetest whisper. And you remember. This is it. This is why we have kids. Deep down the tiny human that rules like a dictator is the best thing to ever happen in your life.

So to all the moms out there who feel like a long weekend was really L-O-N-G, To all the moms who feel like they just aren’t enough, I feel you. To all the moms out there who need support – I hear you. I’m there with you. Let’s start working together, supporting each other and proving to the world that we are the best examples of strong women that these tiny humans need in their life.


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