When Life Hands You Lemons….

So here we are again. Apparently I’m going to blog when things are either super fantastic or are really hard. It’s obviously been a while since I’ve shared something but that wasn’t for lack of things to talk about, or for lack of interest in blogging. It’s this crazy fun tiny human that invades all of my time and space and energy. She’s amazing and so much fun these days – but she’s also exhausting. We are knee deep in Potty Training (be prepared for a post next week as this Labour Day weekend is Bootcamp!), we are working on sleep issues (ever since transitioning into a toddler bed Miss Thing wakes up a couple of times a night and ends up in our bed) and then your basic behaviors of a two year old.

Oh and also I’ve got the Hubs who I’ve got to work on a marriage with and the animals and regular life things.

So what makes me write now you ask? Well after a year and a half at my job I find myself once again looking for employment. This time it wasn’t expected but certainly understood as I was a Temporary employee in which they could let me go at any time for any reason. The main irritant with this sudden departure was that my superior wouldn’t give me a reason for his choice. Now granted that he contractually didn’t have to provide a reason, however I thought we had such a working relationship that respect would have granted me this small thing. Apparently not.

So here I am, 30 years old and going through another job search and feeling conflicted with my career choices. Do I want to stay in the public sector and remain in the Government Administration world? Do I want to go into the private sector and continue to do administrative work but with a smaller company? Do I want to do something completely different? Right now there are an abundance of choices and the world is at my fingertips. I’ve literally applied to over 100 jobs and nothing can stop me from achieving whatever I want for my career.

Perhaps the reason I’m not as scared this time around is the financially the Hubs and I are in a MUCH better situation than we were a year ago. We’ve got our shit together, have completed a bunch of renovations to the house and are just in an overall much better place. In addition to that, as I’ve worked for a year and a half I am eligible for Employment Insurance. This is a massive weight lifted as it provides me with a small income while I find the right employment opportunity. There’s nothing like going on a ton of interviews in a hurried state because I feel like that kind of desperation can be felt though your attitude and demeanor.

So I end this first post in a while with this; to the people out there struggling to find the right job for you – I get it! I’m here now, I’ve been here before and have come out the other side. We can do this! To those who are partners of the unemployed please hear this: we are trying. If your spouse is actively looking and putting themselves out there, I say be patient. Things will get better and your spouse needs your support not your criticism.

I’ll be documenting my journey and trying my best to keep up with what else is going on in our lives during this time, stay tuned!!



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