Putting on the ritz…

Trading in the slippers for heels, leggings for dress pants and showering every day. It’s time for this bitch to go back to work.

This. Shit. Is. Crazy.

I have one more day with my baby before going back to work full time and let me tell you, I’m super anxious about it. As many (or some….or one….if anyone actually reads this, lol!) people know, I’ve been off work since I was about 7 weeks pregnant (due to multiple miscarriages and other pregnancy related issues) and Miss Thing is now 10.5 months old, which means that I’ve been out of the workforce for a long ass time. I’m not even sure how things are going, I haven’t really spoken to anyone in the office since the beginning of my leave and I’m a bit scared of what I’m walking into. Going on leave happened so suddenly (literally went to the doctor’s office on a Thursday night and I haven’t been back in a year and a half) that I’m a bit nervous about backlash from that. EEEEK! I’ve basically made up every possible scenario that could possibly happen on Monday morning and freaked out over it. *sigh* I’m sure it’ll be nothing like I’ve made it out to be in my head, and I’m trying to maintain the most positive frame of mind I can. I’ve got new work clothes and even got my nails done, trying to build my confidence. It’ll all be fine I’m sure, but I still feel like I’m going to kindergarten for the first time.

So in preparation of going back to work, Miss Thing has started daycare. AHHH! I can’t even believe she’s so old, I feel like yesterday I was still pregnant and freaking out over labour. Anyway, we’ve found a really great home daycare just down the street from us and it’s been working out really well. I’m a bit nervous about handling drop offs in the morning, having to worry about getting Miss Thing fed and dressed, all while keeping myself looking like a human being. When I was working before kids, there were times when I seriously woke up 15 minutes before I’d have to leave, throw the first thing I found on, threw my hair in a bun and was out the door doing make up in the car as I was going through the Tim’s drive-thru. Now on top of all that, I’ve got to get a squirmy baby dressed and fed, then packed into an eskimo snowsuit and in the car. All while not forgetting the basic necessities like make-up and my lunch. *sigh* I know that mom’s have been dealing with things like this forever and blah blah blah but still. It’s such a new routine that I’m freaking out about it.  #momstruggles  I’ve been reading all sorts of “transitioning from maternity leave to being a working mom” articles and they all say the same thing: take things slow, be prepared to be overwhelmed and relax. Thanks world wide web for that wealth of information, I’d have never thought of those things.

Other things that are blowing my mind right now:

  • Planning Miss Thing’s FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY. Seriously, I’m not sure how my little baby got to be a year old but she did and we are hosting a party for over 50 people. Weird. Stay tuned for some pictures and I’m sure funny stories about how I drive myself (and I’m sure the Hubs) crazy planning a baby’s party…..
  • A Gilmore Girls revival was just confirmed by Netflix. My adolescent life is complete. I’ve always wanted to be a mom like Lorelai and wanted to be as smart as Rory and a revival of this series will complete my life. I’ve got every season on dvd, can recite the majority of the monologues and learned so much about pop culture watching the show it’s crazy. Cheers to the random facts Amy Sherman-Palladino!
  • Davids Tea. I forgot how much I love loose leaf tea. Miss Thing got pretty sick last week and (of course) passed it along to me. I was feeling so shitty and stuffed up and congested and all around crappy , so I decided to go Davids Tea and see if they had something that could help. Let me tell you. It’s called “Cold 911” and it is amazing. I’ve been drinking it by the pot (I love my loose leaf teapot that I got for my wedding – it’s amazing) and it’s actually helped a lot. It has peppermint, apple, juniper berries, eucalyptus and orange. With a little organic honey from the local farmer’s market – it’s soo good! I’ve even cooled it down and put it in Miss Thing’s sippy cup and she loves it too.
  • Podcasts. I’m new the scene, and I’m loving it. Nicole “Snooki” Polizi, Sarah and Suzie from MTV’s The Challenge and Ross Mathews from every E News red carpet interview ever. They are all great, totally hilarious and I feel like they will make my commute (45 minutes each way every day….whomp whomp whomp) go by much faster.





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